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Thursday, November 17, 2011

In the beginning !!!

It all started in Brooklyn. The year after the great blackout of 1965. I had to be one of thousands of Spring babies. lucky for me there was not cable TV or I may not be here.

I came into this world early. I was born on a lovely day in May at 3:10 pm. Three months early to be exact. I have heard that I was a very lucky boy, you see the Kennedy's lost a baby a few years earlier and the hospital had a special incubator for situations like mine, beacause of that.

My Grandfather used to boast that it was his doing. Looking at him now , he was just a piece of shit, but I will cover that later .I attribute the success of my existence to god. This was a special moment in the Glassberg household, my parents lost a baby girl one year before. Their life was in a tailspin, while mine was just beginning.

I wish I could tell you specifics of my early days, I have spot memories up to the age of four. I remember my room, my cloth diapers, my furniture , what our home looked like etc.

I remember four things specifically, I remember my mother giving my scalp hoit olive oil treatments, I remember walking down Sheepshead Bay Road in the ugliest Grey Peacoat with my gloves bungeed to my sleeves. I remember my brother waking me every night and keeping me up till 5 am, "because thats when the robbers go to bed" . The most chilling memory occurred when I was three, I believe it was in the summer. My parents sat me and my brother down at the dining room table. (right now you should be hearing BOM BOM BOM ) The proverbial shoe dropped, all I heard at three was "your Dad and I love each other very much, but we can't live together anymore". My parents were getting divorced.